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November 9, 2009

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Work with him.

An award-winning creative professional, Jonathan combines his love for media and a diverse skill set in leading creative projects for both for-profit and charitable organizations. Through “conscious design” and “inspiring media”, Jonathan is focused on innovative marketing experiences that matter.


  • Creative and Art Direction.
  • Strategic and creative branding focused on creating personal connections across all touch-points.
  • Online strategy: from iPhone applications to dynamic corporate sites.
  • Innovative information architecture, wireframing and usability design.
  • Print, Logos, Photography, Animation, Video, Online.
  • Complete website creation; from usability, to design, to development.
  • Giving it a special touch.

For more information on working with him, please click here.



  • Associate Creative Director at mindblossom/isobar, leading award winning digital marketing projects for Volvo, Mitsubishi, The Home Depot, eBay and Sirius Satellite Radio, to name a few.
  • Worked overseas for three years as a communications and marketing consultant for human rights organizations in Accra, Ghana and Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Featured in Applied Arts Annual (March/April 2009). “Lavalife’s SNAP”, “Mitsubishi Lancer Earth” & “Sleeman Breweries”. Role: Associate Creative Director.
  • Winner of Favorite Website Award: Site of the Day, 10th Annual Webby Award and two Internet Advertising Awards.
  • Featured in Canadian Business Magazine (April 2002), The Boston Globe and The Globe & Mail for his work in Ghana, West Africa.
  • Awarded Outstanding Entrepreneurial Commitment and Sustaining Member status from the Young Entrepreneurs Association.

In 2008, Jonathan left his role of Associate Creative Director at mindblossom/isobar, an award-winning digital marketing agency. He now splits his time between two roles.

Freelance Creative. Conscious Design.

Jonathan freelances for small to medium-sized socially and environmentally conscious businesses, helping build effective visual brands and innovative online offerings. He has recently completed projects for G.A.P. Adventures, and the City of Toronto . Click here to see more projects or contact him to discuss your needs.


  • Visual and brand experience strategy and creation.
  • Creative and Art Direction.
  • Information architecture and usability for websites and mobile applications.
  • Full website creation throughout the entire project-life cycle

If your business or project could use a creative injection to help take it to the next level, please don’t hesitate to contact him to set up an in-person or phone meeting.

Inspiring Media.

“If we all know, together we can change.”

Jonathan spends half his time as the Creative Engagement Specialist at jhr, Canada’s largest media development non-profit organization, with offices in Canada, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia. We believe the media is simply the most effective way to inspire, create dialogue and mobilize citizens to pressure governments and policy makers to create positive societal change. Through building a strong and honest brand, compelling personal online and offline experiences, Jonathan is creating and fostering a community of individuals who realize, support, create and consume media that has the power to change the world. To learn more about jhr, please visit us al

Word on the street.
“I have had the pleasure of Working with Jonathan for a number of years and I have always been tremendously impressed by his ability to deliver highly creative work. I would recommend him to anyone.” (Sept. 2010)

Robert Hyde
3rd Perspective

“Jonathan’s experience really shined through for me at Mindblossom. He reads and understands my briefs thoroughly and then comes up with creative ideas to meet and exceed my expectations. Professional and fun to be around, that’s the best combination any Client Service individual could ask for in an Associate Creative Director.” (Sept. 2009)

Hasiya Au-Yeung
Account Manager
Mindblossom/Isobar Canada (an Aegis Media Plc. Company)

“Jonathan’s creativity and style is unmatched! Jonathan is an exceptional creative director, manager and colleague. While working with Jonathan I was always amazed and inspired daily by the high caliber work he produced. I very much hope I get the opportunity to partner with him in future.” (March 2009)

Sherry McRae
Senior Manager, Strategy and Media
Mindblossom/Isobar Canada (an Aegis Media Plc. Company)

“Jonathan is an amazing visionary, he was able to take on complicated data information and transform it into easy to understand User Flows and Wireframes. Jonathan’s amazing work set our team up for success. I look forward to working with Jonathan again in the future.” (Oct. 2009)

Nhi Tran
Interactive Project Coordinator
Partners + Edell

“Jonathan is one of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is an emotive photographer, refreshing designer, detail-oriented information architect, and most importantly a great college with a friendly and approachable attitude. Jonathan is always open to other ideas and approaches. Jonathan works on every project with the same passion and care as he would in his personal work and this apparent in the results. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for somebody with such skills. You will not find a better man for the job!” (Nov. 2009)

Michael McArthur
Partner, Creative Director