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Snap (Lavalife)

November 1, 2009

Part urban treasure hunt, part dating service. Snap was both an online and offline campaign, with posters on the streets and subways in Vancouver and Toronto. On each was a different question, such as, “Take a photo of the most interesting thing on your morning commute”. Users took a photo and submitted it through an SMS short code. Online, they could edit their profile, see other creative answers to questions, and choose to receive a new question every week.Connection through expression.

This award-winning and very successful project was seriously fun to work on. Users created crews with two of their friends, each taking a different positions (skipper, tactician and navigator ) and customized their virtual V070 Ocean Race yacht. Through a series of legs, crews working together against thousands of other boats, racing thought trivia games, to be entered into the grand finals. The final match came one Saturday, 15 boats of 3 users across the country for one grand prize, a week-long super VIP trip to Sweeden, including yacht trips, cars and 5-star accommodations.

Here are a series of stills from storyboard animatics for a flash mini-game for Sirius Satellite Radio. The user controls Sirus the dog through a series of trivia battles until reaching the final boss, a monster who’s beaming out bad vibes causing stress and havok on the streets. On winning, Sirius is reuninited with his master and exchange, the user is entered to win one of many prizes.

Search! (sympatico msn)

November 1, 2009

Increasing usage on for msn search through an innovative multiplayer search game. In teams of as many friends as you want, this concept sees users scouring the net looking for clues revealed on banners. They solve the riddle using msn search. If they type in the correct keywords, gain points towards winning instant and grand prizes!

To commemorate eBay’s one billionth bid online, this online game concept was created to offer eBay’s loyal bidding community with a variety of online tools and desktop widgets to win big prizes!