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We were tasked to completely overhaul Home Depot’s online presence, this time, for professional contractors, not the consumer public. Features included were full motion video professional tool reviews, tour guides, and special product information and discounts.

GigaBeat (Toshiba)

November 1, 2009

A micro-site for the launch of Toshiba’s GigaBeat, an mp3 player that was ultimately toppled by the Apple iPhone. Users navigated via a GigaBeat itself, presenting features through a cast of characters.

Search! (sympatico msn)

November 1, 2009

Increasing usage on for msn search through an innovative multiplayer search game. In teams of as many friends as you want, this concept sees users scouring the net looking for clues revealed on banners. They solve the riddle using msn search. If they type in the correct keywords, gain points towards winning instant and grand prizes!

To commemorate eBay’s one billionth bid online, this online game concept was created to offer eBay’s loyal bidding community with a variety of online tools and desktop widgets to win big prizes!

10-4 (Bell Canada)

November 1, 2009

Storyboards for a series of flash animated banners for the launch of Bell’s 10-4 “Push to Talk” national wide campaign.

Our role for increase Home Depots power tools sales was two fold. The first was an eye-catching animated banner campaign. The second, an interactive buying guide increase awareness of their diverse product lineup as well as educating the public on what tools are needed for what job and why.