“Breast Healthy” by Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (Rain43)

September 19, 2011

Type: Website (Educational)
When: October, 2010
Client: Rain43
Role: Information Architecture & Usability

To be honest, coming into this project I only had basic knowledge of cancer prevention. However, after many sessions with all the great staff, and hours with case studies, reports and articles, my eyes were certainly opened. “Breast Aware” is a online resource specifically for the public to increase awareness of cancer prevention through postiive lifestyle choices. After sorting and understanding the content and the audience, I create comprehensive wireframes for a very personal and personalized user experience. Not only was content served to based on your own personal factors (smoker, regular excercise, family history, etc.), but reminders served and points awarded for achieving goals, such as booking an examination, reducing stressful factors and reducing alcohol consumption.

Pretty cool.

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