Better Building Partership (Partners + Edell & City of Toronto)

November 4, 2009

Better Building Partnership (BBP) was a complex project to say the least, but equality as fulfilling. I was contracted by the advertising agency Partners + Edell to work with the City of Toronto to completely redeveloping the online presence for Better Building Partnership (BBP). BBP offers incentives for new and redevloping construction projects across the city that utilize new energy efficent and sustainable technologies. To understand the needs and offer solutions, I conducted interviews with stakeholders and dove neck deep into piles of municiple paperwork and jargon. As a result, I produced comprehensive multiple user-flows and wireframes to transform a terribly outdated website with almost zero user-friendlyness into an robust system with online applications, customized financial projects PDF, status alerts, automatically filtered content and much more.

Year: 2009
Company: Partners + Edell
Role: Freelance Information Architect


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